Freedom childcare is an award winning company that prides itself on our professional yet personal service. We are established in Hampshire and are proud to say we have pioneered new areas within the childcare sector to enable modern families to progress with busy lives with the least amount of hassle.

Our nanny recruitment package is comprehensive and ensures you as the parent can recruit a Nanny with the least amount of stress and with the maximum peace of mind, Our Post placement support also offers you ongoing temporary cover and personnel support.

Family Interview

We believe it is important for us to have a face-to-face meeting in your home to gain all the information we require to place nannies successfully. At this meeting the children and partners should be present if possible. This meeting can last up to an hour and is designed for you to be able to ask any questions about how everything works and also for us to gain vital information about the vacancy. It is important that at this meeting you have a clear understanding of the vacancies particulars e.g: working hours, duties and pay. Once this interview is complete and we have received your deposit we will commence work for you.

Recruitment Process

Freedom Childcare is a registered umbrella body with the C.R.B. (Criminal Record Bureau) and has developed its own unique vetting system as follows:

Once all the application criteria has been met they will then be put forward for relevant positions within their work parameters.

We don’t believe in sending families several applicants and again feel it is our role to try and get the match right within the first 3 interviews (first time hopefully) .

You will then be expected to interview the suitable applicants and feedback to us on your decision, we can give you as much or as little advise or help with interview— however the final selection must be your decision and is not to be influenced by us in any way.

Terms and conditions of employment

Once you have made your decision on your Nanny it is important that basic terms and conditions are discussed this should include pay, hours of work, start date, travel expenses etc. The next step would be for you to send a formal written offer of employment including these basic details. Freedom can again give you advise on the negotiation of these details and can act as a mediator between you and the Nanny if you require.

At this stage we also require payment in full.

A contract of employment will then be drawn up to encompass the offer letter and any other details you and the nanny mutually agree on. Both parties should sign this and we can hold a copy on file also.

OFSTED Registration process

We can source appropriate training and can manage the registration process for your nanny. For non-qualified nannies/au pairs this involves a 16 hours course, usually divided into 2-hour sessions once a week. Once qualified, we can manage the registration process and we can give you as the family guidance with voucher redemption and tax credits. This service is available for a small extra fee of £100 (plus vat). The training course is available for £150 (plus vat) please ask our representatives for more information.

To be an approved nanny they must:

Childcare Vouchers

We also swept salary sacrifice vouchers as a form of payment. This is money taken from your wages before you pay Tax and National Insurance and turned into childcare vouchers. Please ask for further details.

Post Placement Support

We believe that our role doesn’t end here and we will keep in touch with you and the nanny to ensure everything is still going smoothly. We can offer the service of a post commencement review to discuss on your behalf with the nanny their progress. At this time we can highlight any areas of improvement and access courses at nominal cost.

Temporary Nanny cover

All nannies need time off and it also wise not to put pressure on permanent nannies to work extra hours unless they want too.

Freedom can assist with flexible cover to accommodate any eventuality. This is available with 24 hours notice and membership to this scheme’ Is £10.00 (+vat) a month. The hourly charge for this service starts at £10.70 (+vat) .

Nanny Pay Services

You will be required legally to pay NI contributions and Tax for your nanny; we can facilitate this service for you at a monthly cost of 10% of the nannies costs.

Engagement Fees

Engagement fees for nannies are as follows:

A £250 (+vat) non-refundable fee is payable on registering with Freedom and must be received prior to any candidate being introduced to the client This amount will be deducted from the final engagement fee.

The remainder of the fee is calculated on 10% of the Annual remuneration paid to the Nanny.

ie: Full-time:

ie: Part-time


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