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Freedom Childcare has a great reputation for running Mobile Creches throughout the UK. We have provided Hampshire constabulary, NHS, event management companies, charities with childcare event packages since 2001.

Freedom are able to provide our Mobile Creches throughout the UK and have experience of running creches for up to 150 children in far reaching venues including Glasgow, Leeds, Portsmouth and Bristol.

All aged children can be catered for from babies through to teenagers. Freedom have extensive experience of catering for children with special needs and from all social and economic backgrounds, religions and ethnicities, also who first language is not English.

We understand that different client groups require a slightly different approach and one size doesn’t fit all which is why we always insist on meeting with you to discuss your requirements in person. This way we can ensure we provide you with a service that not only meets your expectations regarding quality care but also fits with your main event and we get the activities right for you and your remit.

Mobile Creches can be provided at any venue including children centres, schools, colleges and community buildings.

Paperwork and Administration

For us to understand the needs of the children and to comply with Ofsted regulations we require parents to complete a registration form. This form can complete on the date of the first creche or registration day.

During the crèche we will ensure we have all the appropriate signing in and out sheets, all allergies, dietary requirements, special needs and play preferences have all been communicated with our team and appropriate measures are in place. Communication routes for families regarding their children have been organised and parents know how we will contact them.


OFSTED is the regulatory body that puts parameters on our trading and has a process for registering certain provisions that fit their criteria. Saying this we do ensure we meet all OFSTED regulations and risks assess every site we operate from.

In certain circumstances we have been asked to register a crèche on the Voluntary register this can help with applications for funding, it also means the service is exempt from VAT. In these instances, we can obtain a registration certificate for crèches even when they are not required legally. This process takes approximately 12 weeks. This can be useful if you are not registered for VAT.

We can provide crèche facilities for up to 26 children in any one room, space permitting:

Age Group Sq meters per child
Under 2 3.5 sq metres
2-3 2.5 sq meters
3-5 2.3 sq meters

We adhere to the following ratios unless we deem for child safety, we need to reduce the adult to child ratio:

Age Group Adult to child ratio
Under 1 1:2
1-2 1:3
3 1:4
4-7 1:8


We operate a minimum booking of 3 hours this is to ensure we can offer a robust availability. Each crèche will be allocated a leader and the appropriate members of staff.

Item Pricing
Site Risk Assessment £75 plus travel
Insurance £75 for every 26 children
Selection of age appropriate toys and activities £55 for every 6 children
Staffing Rates £16.80 ph
Leader Rates £17.80 ph
Travel 55p per mile
Administration time £30 ph

If toys can be stored on site, we could look at charging the toys fee once for the duration of the crèche it basically covers the collection and delivery.

Risk assessments must be carried out in most circumstances unless the venue is a designated childcare facility and they can provide their own, for instance a children’s centre, or an existing childcare provision.

VAT- all our rates are plus VAT unless you wish us to register the crèche under our name then our service would be Vat exempt.

Our Staff

We employ childcare professionals and our team consists of a variety of staff that all work vocationally within the childcare sector. Our robust vetting will ensure all staff are qualified/ experienced have first aid training and are DBS, medical and reference checked. They will all have undergone a Freedom interview and induction in person, will have signed a contract and follow our policies and procedures. Additionally, all our staff are covered by our robust crèche insurance.

At all creches we will ensure management and staff have appropriate qualifications and experience to work with any particular age group.

Where will the staff come from?

Where possible, and subject to availability, we will source staff based locally to you. However, where this is not possible; due to time restraints or availability we may source staff from further afield: additional charges for travel may be charged to cover the staff member’s time and / or the staff members mileage: Time would be charged to the nearest quarter of an hour at same hourly rate as booking. Mileage would be charged at 55p per mile for mileage to & from the booking. Additional charges will be confirmed in advance.

Terms and Conditions

Our creches are bound by our own guidelines, policies and procedures by using our services you will be bound by our terms and conditions. Prior to your first booking we will require a signed copy of our terms and conditions.

What we require from you:

We require the room/space you provide to be in a good state of repair, clean and suitably heated, that provides natural light and has access to running water and toilet facilities;

Interested in receiving more information or a quote?

If you would like to have a chat with one of our Head Office Team, please call us on 01590 678739. Alternatively, it might be easier for you to complete an enquiry form, so we can gather all the information we will need in order to progress your enquiry.

To make a booking

To ensure we have all the correct information we will need you to complete a Creche Booking Form.

Payment is due in full once the creche team have been assigned and confirmed with you.

In additional please be mindful if on the day the finish time runs over this will be charge in blocks of 15 minutes.

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