Our Flexi Nanny and Babysitting Service is available day times, evenings, weekends and overnight.

You can access a member of staff from a minimum booking of 3 hours. Staff can also facilitate transport of your children. We are responsible for all tax and national insurance liabilities and charge you a fixed hourly rate which is invoiced on a monthly basis.

You can use this service for:

Regular hours each week, Variable hours, One off bookings, Babysitting, Respite care, Irregular days/times, Parental loco arrangements for holidays, Weekends, Inset Days, Back up, Before school/after school/school holidays, Short or long term, Trial period prior to recruiting a nanny, Overnights.

Freedom Nanny’s and Babysitters

All staff working for Freedom have been interview vetted and inducted and trained in line with our company recruitment and Training policy. To ensure ongoing standards we also have Quality assurance systems in place.

We will select you a member of staff from our bank that we believe will not only be able to fulfil your childcare requirements but also fit in with your family. You can meet your selected Nanny/Babysitter before her start date at a meet and greet session to ensure you are completely happy with our selection. If at any stage you are not happy we will find you a replacement.

For consistence we always select a member of staff who can meet all your needs on an ongoing basis, this is best for everyone involved. If you’re nominated Nanny is ill or cannot attend on a certain day we will contact you and offer alternative support. Again we will always keep the number of staff introduced to any one family to a minimum.

In some circumstances it may be necessary to use more than one regular member of staff to cover the hours you need, reasons for this may be availability, the numbers of days and times requested and the amount of hours in a week you require.

Freedom staff come from range of back ground and will all hold a level 3 childcare qualification and First Aid Certificate.

Hourly Rates

Rates are dependent on location, qualifications and experience of the member of staff also the notice given for the booking. You will be given an accurate price when we have all the relevant information.



All prices shown are subject to 20% VAT which is including in the above price


Membership gives you priority-booking status and a special rate compared to non-members. The membership fee is monthly payments of £24.00 on a 12 month subscription; this can be cancelled if required after 12mths. This can be arranged by standing order. It would be financially beneficial for family using more than 5 hours a month for Day time hours (before 7pm) and 8 hours a month for Babysitting hours ( after 7pm) to become a member.


It is important for us to meet our families in their own home; at this meeting we can get a full understanding of your needs and requirements. We also make a commitment to our staff that we have visited and risk assessed all the homes that they will be asked to work in. The fee we charge for this covers the home visit and all admin costs & a credit reference checks.

The registration fee is £114.00 this is discounted by 10% for all NHS and services employees. Plus mileage from our offices in Lymington at 55p per mile.


All payments for childcare is paid a month in advance and calculated as an average monthly spend, where your needs change significantly from one month to the next you will be asked to pay when you make each booking. For very large weekly bookings we can take a payment a week in advance on a rolling basis.

For regular childcare requirements, we have found that setting up a regular upfront payment plan is the most beneficial course of action. We would look at your requirements over an entire 12mths, then calculate a monthly average and set up a regular upfront monthly payment with you via direct debit. We find that this works particularly well to allow for Tax Credit or voucher scheme payments.

This option allows budgeting for your childcare a lot easier and also gives you the added reward of 5% discount on each invoice raised for childcare paid for in advance each month.

Cancellation Fee

A cancellation fee is also in place. Any bookings cancelled within 24 hours will be charged at the amount of hours originally booked. Any bookings cancelled with 3 working days’ notice will be charged at a 3 hour booking and bookings cancelled after 3 days will be charged a £10 administration fee (+vat).

All payments are to be paid direct to Freedom IOW Ltd.
Nannies are not authorized to accept payment for hours worked any payment made to our staff directly will be deemed as a tip.

Extra Costs

Where possible, and subject to availability, we would source staff based within a 15 mile/30 minutes travelling distance/time from your home. Where this is not possible we will source staff further away from your home. In these circumstances additional charges will be required to cover the time and / or the mileage expenses incurred. You will be informed of these additional charges prior to accepting the staff cover.

Our charges are broken into increments of 15 minutes and are rounded up to the next nearest 15 minutes. Mileage is charged at 55p per mile for any agreed mileage for our out of area staff and while transporting your children.

Expenses Incurred

Any extra costs incurred for your children, whilst in our care will be passed on at cost +10%. This may include items such as food, refreshments, taxis or any other items necessary for the care of your children. We would encourage all clients to leave emergency/entertainment funds with their Nanny, especially during the day.

Time Sheets

Our nanny will bring a time sheet with her this must be signed prior to leaving the children in her care. Any information appertaining to the children or specific instructions should be detailed on this form to avoid any confusion. When you return back home the sheet should be sign for the hours/mileage that have been used. The Nanny is responsible for returning the time sheet to the office.


For us to maintain our high standards of service our staff are asked to leave a praise card with you for you to complete and return. This helps us keep up to date with the staff’s progress and also lets you inform us of how your booking went.

Sleep in Service

This can be offered by arrangement a price will be given at the time of the booking and may vary dependent on individual requirements and Nannies involved.


A next of kin / emergency contact is requested during the registration meeting – this person should be close to the family member and be able to make decisions regarding your child(ren) in the event that you cannot.

Should a situation arise that results in the delay in you returning home to your children, please contact the Nanny or Freedom at the first available opportunity.

Our staff are instructed that if they have not heard from you within in 30mins of the booked finished time, they will then contact the next of kin / emergency contact listed. If they cannot reach your next of kin / emergency contact and the Nanny has still not heard from them or you after 1 hour, the police will be informed.

In the event of an emergency arising with your children whilst in our care, although every effort will be made to contact you in the 1st instance and also the emergency services if needed – contact will be made to the next of kin / emergency contact listed after 15mins.

OFSTED Registered Staff

We can now register individual staff with OFSTED resulting in families being able to claim back a proportion of the costs through Tax Credits and Salary Sacrifice Schemes. This is only applicable if you are using childcare while you are at work meaning you cannot claim against a babysitter for a night out. If you require an OFSTED registered member of staff please let us know. If you require more information and support with how to claim these benefits please ask.

Office Hours

Our office is open Monday-Friday 9.00am –5.00pm. We have an out of hour’s emergency service; the numbers for this are changed weekly on the answer machine.

How to get started

To start using our Flexi Nanny and Babysitting Services you will need to complete the following steps

  1. Complete the online registration form
  2. Agree to our terms and conditions
  3. Pay your registration fee of £114

Once these steps are completed we will arrange a date for the home visit.

Our services are based on your individual need and requirements you should give us a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice before you would like you childcare to start.

Thank you for reading this information we hope it has given you a detailed knowledge of the service we offer, if however you would like more information please don’t hesitate to call 08453 300403 or email enquiries@freedomchildcare.com

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