DIY Shoebox Football Game

Foosball game

DIY Shoebox Football Game

If you are looking for a game to create and play with your children I have something different to offer you. You can make and play this game because it is a simple DIY project your children can do with you. So, what am I talking about? Foosball.

To make a foosball game for your kids you will need  1 shoebox, 4 plastic straws,  10 clothes pegs, ruler, scissors or utility knife, glue, clear tape and last but not least; 1 ping-pong ball (for the game!):

DIY Foosball materials  20171105_161408  20171105_161458

DIY mini foosball game

As you can see everything you need for this game you already have at home. So, let’s start crafting!

  1. Grab that shoebox you found and measure it so you know what you are dealing with. The box will be a foosball field and first thing we must do are the holes in both sides of the box. Make 4 holes on each side of the box and make sure they are equally distant from one another. Those are holes for the rods you will make later. Now, we have to make the goals. Goals are also holes but make them bigger. Put them in the middle of the shorter side and make them big enough for the ball to go through.
  2. We are done with the box. You can go make rods while kids can color the box just the way they want it.
  3. The rods are simple to make. You have to have 4 rods because you have 4 holes for the rods. Rods will be our plastic straws which you can fill with wooden dowels so they don’t bend. Also, if you have two colored straws, divide them into two teams.
  4. The last but not least are the foosball players. Clothespins are our foosball players and they will make our foosball game so entertaining. You can color the players in the same colors of the straws so you can easily determine which player works for your team. Glue the players to the straws and let them rest for the glue to start working.

20171105_161807 20171105_161742

After a little work, your job is done. Now, let the shoebox and the players dry and after that, the game can begin! Enjoy your own DIY foosball game!

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Mark is a foosball player who loves foosball so much he made a blog about it. On his blog, which he called the Foosball Zone you can read more about foosball, including reviews of famous foosball table brands like Tornado foosball table.

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