Choosing a Nanny

Choosing a Nanny

At one time a nanny used to conjure up an image of formal lady in a white starched blouse with a very intimidating presence who might completely take over from a mother in rearing the children.

Fortunately these days nannies have a much more relaxed and flexible attitude to their duties. They are experts in their field, often with a wide range of knowledge, but these days are very much guided by the parent.

Family Requirements


When asked the question “How would you create a routine within a new family?” Ninety-nine percent of the answers from well trained nannies started with; “I would have a conversation with the parents to find out what the routine already is”.

All families have specific requirements regarding discipline, health, lifestyle and diet and part of a nanny’s job is to fit in with the family unit.

Nanny Advantages

The benefits of using a nanny as your main childcare provision are:

  • Flexibility of working hours.
  • Adaptability to unusual working patterns including overnight.
  • Parent lead prescriptive care.
  • Building close personal relationships between nanny, parents and children.
  • Cost effective – especially for multiple children.
  • Transportation – nanny comes to you, school runs.
  • Children are cared for in their own surroundings.
  • Help with child related domestic chores to allow Parents more quality time with the children as other chores can be worked into nanny’s routine – ie packed lunches, food preparation, etc.
  • Support with organising daily activities, clubs, etc.
  • Short term help for new parent / new babies to help with routines and sleep!
  • Ability for parents to attend weekend events and work commitments.

In the next article I’ll look at the various types of nanny from the Mother’s Help to the full time Nanny.

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