Power Socket Covers – should we use them?

Power Socket Covers – should we use them?

Are socket covers dangerous

There is no government regulation for power socket covers and sometimes safe sockets are made unsafe by using inadequately designed socket covers.

Power Sockets

However, British power sockets ARE fully regulated by the government to BS 1363 standard and have specifically designed with holes that are too small for even a new-born baby to put a finger in. They also include internal shutters to prevent children from poking objects into them (you would have to reach 1cm into the socket before contacting a live part).

Shutters in a standard British socket are only opened when the earth pin is inserted into the top pin hole of the socket. This existing method of earth pin operation is perfectly safe provided children are not given access to tools which are the same shape as an earth pin. Unfortunately socket covers can be such a tool and it has been reported that small children can remove the covers without difficulty or snap off parts of the cover so that the top pin remains in place.

Robust Safety

At Freedom Childcare, we pride ourselves on our robust safety procedures and in the past we have always used socket covers. Taking all the information above into consideration, we have now made the decision to stop using Socket Covers as it appears they are likely to make the sockets unsafe for the children.

To find out more see  childalert.co.uk.

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