Save up to £933 a Year on your Childcare Costs!

Save up to £933 a Year on your Childcare Costs!

The soaring cost of childcare is never far from the headlines and more and more we’re hearing how difficult it can be to find cost effective ways of handling your childcare needs.

In a recent study, Family Investments found that, on average, mums working full-time spend four months’ worth of their salary on childcare costs – Childcarescheme can not only help you manage these costs, but also offers considerable savings too.

Childcarescheme allows you to sacrifice a portion of your salary (tax free) to pay for your childcare costs. Savings of up to 42% (on the amount you sacrifice) mean you could be up to £933 better off per parent/guardian per year; that’s £1,866 per couple per year.

You can use a carer of your choice, or nominate to use one of the carers registered and approved by Childcarescheme; managing payments for childcare is easy too by using Childcarescheme’s unique and secure online account.

Your employer will save money when offering Childcarescheme too by reducing the amount of Employer’s National Insurance Contributions they pay – this can be up to £402 per employee per year.

So, why not log on to and use our calculator to find out how much you could save?

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