The Childcare Conundrum

The Childcare Conundrum

Choosing the right childcare is a very complex issue, with many options available all offering various benefits and values for money. These complexities are magnified when dealing with children who may have special needs, dietary requirements or behavioural issues. Selecting the best combinations is an important decision and crucial to the smooth running of family life. Families expand, parents separate, work and children’s schedules become increasingly more complex; all this can add to the stress of being a parent in the 21st century!

Whilst it is the parent(s) who are required to address issues surrounding core childcare needs, we can assist by providing back-up cover for eventualities such as: evenings, weekends,  shift patterns, school closure days, staff sickness, child sickness, extra working hours, training days, exclusion days due to sickness or just some well-deserved respite. Day care is often inflexible and is traditionally booked in blocks. Childcare costs should only be incurred where and when it is genuinely required and not just because it has to be booked and paid for in advance, whether your child attends or not!

Home based childcare is not always an option considered by many families although in many cases it can be the most viable and cost effective option. Nannies are paid for by the hour/ day/ week and this is for the nannies services not per child. In households with more than two children this can therefore be a cheaper option than day care.

Nannies are also able to facilitate dropping off and collection of older siblings to school and out of school activities. This can buy back more of your precious time each day. Nannies duties may also include any household chores directly linked to the care of the children such as cleaning their rooms, changing beds, washing ironing food preparation etc.

Historically employing a nanny has been viewed as being a luxury only available for the very wealthy; the face of childcare is changing and now as a result of OFSTED regulations allowing nannies to become voluntarily registered. Flexible nanny services can be obtained from Freedom which also means you would not need to get involved with employment issues and can access services to fit your changing needs.

If required, Freedom Childcare can also help your family recruit a nanny, our normal strict vetting and recruitment procedures are applied and you are introduced to Nanny’s who meet your unique needs and requirements. We can then provide you with back up cover for sickness and holidays. We can also provide your Nanny with ongoing training and development opportunities ensuring they are kept abreast of current information and ensuring that their mandatory  training is regularly updated.

We have been assisting parents with their childcare needs since 2001. To ensure we can really understand your family and your childcare needs we meet all our families in a face to face meeting in their own homes. This can be organised at a time to fit around your busy schedule. This unique service ensures we can gather all the information we need to accurately match our staff with your family, resulting in successful pairing.

Family and home Support

Whilst mostly rewarding, parenting can be a difficult and exhausting job, as a result  parents could benefit from support from time to time! All families are different and we don’t have a one size fits all solution; however we will work with your family to achieve the best possible outcomes. Our help is designed to give families the support they need before issues can spiral out of control.

Support Services

Our services can be provided privately or after receiving referrals from the local authority.

The following although not an exhaustive list gives you some examples of the type of help we can offer:

  • Routines
  • Boundaries
  • Schedules for household chores
  • Respite
  • Behaviour strategies
  • Parenting skills
  • Child development knowledge
  • Budgeting
  • Health and hygiene
  • Home Organisation/Functionality
  • Social awareness
  • Accessing meaningful pastimes for all family members

All parents can receive help with the cost of their childcare. This can be through salary sacrifice vouchers or Child Tax Credits, creating up to 80% reduction in the cost of your childcare.  With the introduction tax free childcare which is being introduced in autumn 2015 further savings will be possible.

Home based childcare is now a viable option for families from all financial backgrounds and can in many cases be the best solution.

Tax Credit Help Line 08453 003900 will be able to advise you on you eligibility.

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