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Our Childcare Team

In all our fields of services staff are selected based on their qualifications, experience and aptitude for the role.

They are expected to conduct themselves in line with our policies, procedures and standards of services at all times.

You can expect our staff to be of the highest calibre, they will be professional, punctual and will all have empathy to families and their needs.

Our team of workers are as diverse as our services and therefore we can accommodate all numbers and needs of children and families including special needs.

Here are some examples of the staff we employ:

 Annabell Russell - Child care teamI have been working for Freedom Childcare for 18 months. I babysit for families at the Goodwood and Bailiffs Court Hotel, and some local holiday residences. I really enjoy meeting the families I work for and getting to know them. I babysit while parents are going for an evening meal or I look after children during the day while their parents attend an event or get some much appreciated spa time. It’s been fun to be at Goodwood when it’s the Festival of Speed or the Revival and our clients go to an evening ball while I care for their children. I always take activities with me to keep the children busy such as books, games, toys and crafts depending on their ages, and we have a lovely time winding down before bedtime. I would recommend working for Freedom Children, the staff have always been friendly and approachable, and the work is varied and interesting.

Annabel Russell