Foosball game

DIY Shoebox Football Game

If you are looking for a game to create and play with your children I have something different to offer you. You can make and play this game because it is a simple DIY project your children can do with you. So, what am I talking about? Foosball.

To make a foosball game for your kids you will need  1 shoebox, 4 plastic straws,  10 clothes pegs, ruler, scissors or utility knife, glue, clear tape and last but not least; 1 ping-pong ball (for the game!):

DIY Foosball materials  20171105_161408  20171105_161458

DIY mini foosball game

As you can see everything you need for this game you already have at home. So, let’s start crafting!

  1. Grab that shoebox you found and measure it so you know what you are dealing with. The box will be a foosball field and first thing we must do are the holes in both sides of the box. Make 4 holes on each side of the box and make sure they are equally distant from one another. Those are holes for the rods you will make later. Now, we have to make the goals. Goals are also holes but make them bigger. Put them in the middle of the shorter side and make them big enough for the ball to go through.
  2. We are done with the box. You can go make rods while kids can color the box just the way they want it.
  3. The rods are simple to make. You have to have 4 rods because you have 4 holes for the rods. Rods will be our plastic straws which you can fill with wooden dowels so they don’t bend. Also, if you have two colored straws, divide them into two teams.
  4. The last but not least are the foosball players. Clothespins are our foosball players and they will make our foosball game so entertaining. You can color the players in the same colors of the straws so you can easily determine which player works for your team. Glue the players to the straws and let them rest for the glue to start working.

20171105_161807 20171105_161742

After a little work, your job is done. Now, let the shoebox and the players dry and after that, the game can begin! Enjoy your own DIY foosball game!

Author bio:

Mark is a foosball player who loves foosball so much he made a blog about it. On his blog, which he called the Foosball Zone you can read more about foosball, including reviews of famous foosball table brands like Tornado foosball table.

Long Term, Live In Nanny Needed?

Do you dream of finding a long term live in nanny who will stay with your family for years to come, helping to raise all of your children?

We’ve put together 7 top tips to help you encourage your live-in nanny to stay with your family long-term.

the ultimate long term live in nanny . . . Mary Poppins - image thanks to

Respect Your Nanny’s Free Time

It’s important to respect your nanny’s free time. Since most live in nannies work longer hours than the average work week, when it is time for your nanny to take a break or to take her day off, it’s important that you allow her the time she needs to rest and relax.

Appreciate What Your Nanny Does

Everyone loves to feel appreciated, and your nanny is no different. Tell her how thankful you are for the fantastic care she gives to your children. Including your nanny in things like Christmas and remembering her birthday will also go a long way to making her feel like a part of the family.

Stick to Your Original Agreement

To prevent your live in nanny feeling overworked, we’d recommend that you try your best to stick to the original job description and agreement. We understand that circumstances change, but it’s still important to communicate your changing needs with your nanny and to add any agreed changes to the nanny contract.

Don’t Undermine Your Nanny’s Decisions

Just as you do whilst caring for your children, your nanny will need to make decisions that concern your children’s behaviour every day. If you show your nanny that you support her decisions and trust her judgement, it’ll help her feel more confident in her job.

Be Understanding and Flexible

Work together on issues and be flexible towards each other’s needs; the key to a happy working relationship with your nanny is compromise.

Pay a Competitive Wage with Good Benefits

Most live in nannies won’t see their rate of pay as the number one priority. However, it’s still important to offer a competitive rate that will allow your nanny to afford her lifestyle. Regular, well-deserved, pay raises can also go a long way to making your nanny feel appreciated.

Make Your Nanny Feel Comfortable in Your Home

If you and everyone in your household get along well with your nanny and you include your live-in nanny in things like family mealtimes, etc, you’ll find that your nanny is much more comfortable in your home. This will foster a deeper connection between your family and your nanny that will make for a happy, long-term working relationship.

Whilst doing all of the above will go a long way to encouraging your nanny to stay with your family long-term, the two most important things for any nanny are that she loves her job and the children in her care. If your nanny thoroughly enjoys what she does, it’ll help get her through any tough days and forge a bond with your family that will last for many years to come.

Park Children’s Centre Creche in Aldershot

Freedom Childcare are running a crèche starting in September 2017 at the Park Children’s Centre in Aldershot so parents can attend a 12 week course from 12.15 -2.45 on Thursdays. The course is aimed at parents who need help with:

  •  Managing Money and Universal Credit
  • Understanding Tenancies
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Cyber Safety
  • Who can help them to manage their mental health?
  • And so much more.

For more Information click HERE to register for the course please complete an application form HERE or for more information Call freedom on 01590 678739 or email

Park Children’s Centre
Park Primary School
Gloucester Road
Aldershot GU11 3SL

Tel: 01252 338607

Event Childcare for Hitachi Consulting

The Freedom Team have recently visited Brighton to provide Event childcare for Hitatchi Consulting.

We had 75 children aged between 3 months and 14 years from 6pm through to 1am in the morning. We provided a range of activities for the children between 6pm and 10pm in different rooms depending on their ages. Many families also used our Babysitting services which also dovetailed with the creche and workshops.

We provided this service with less than two weeks notice. This involved rallying 27 staff and organising the registration processes and forms as well as packing appropriate equipment and toys and creating play opportunities for a wide range of ages.

Alan the Alien

‘Alan the Alien’ was our inspired craft activity he came back looking like he had fun!

This is what our client said :

Dear Fran & Freedom Childcare
I just wanted to say a big thank you on behalf of Hitachi Consulting and all our guests… We have had great feedback on the babysitting, Crèche and Fun Club, “Just wanted to say thank you for arranging everything. The childcare was superb!”.
Given the short time we had to finalise the arrangements for the event and b put everything in place for the parents & kids, I think it went really smoothly… next time around a few more weeks wouldn’t go a miss though!

We will definitely be in touch regarding future events.

Creche Toys and Equipment Sale

We are having a clear-out of our Creche equipment and toys!

Creche toys and equipment sale

We have cots, strap-on high chairs, a train set and lots more. The Sale starts at the end of January.

If you are interested please email with ‘Toy Sale’ in the subject line and we will send you an invite when the Sale starts.


Keeping Children Safe Online

The National Crime Agency’s Think U Know website is a great resource and guide to internet safety and safe surfing for young people.

Think U Know website screenshot

On the website children of all ages as well as parents and carers can learn about safety when using blogs, chatting online, online gaming, P2P and other technology like mobiles.

Resources include a new film that highlights the importance of talking to our children about sex, relationships and the potential hazards of using the internet.

Concerned parents will find information dealing with:

  • Sexual abuse
  • Grooming
  • Nude images
  • Online relationships
  • Unhealthy relationships
  • Harmful and risky behaviour
  • Exposure to sexual content
  • Online activity
  • Sharing information online

As well as how to get help and advice and keep your child safe .

Help with Childcare Costs

Many families are still blissfully unaware that they can claim £55 per week Tax Free childcare and/or up to 70% of the cost of childcare.

This includes childcare in your own home.

All our nannies can be registered with OFSTED which means you are able to take advantage of the help the government offers with childcare. This help can be in the form of Tax Credits or salary sacrifice vouchers. Help with the cost of childcare is available to all families regardless of how much or little you earn. More information can be found on the Help paying for childcare page on the .gov website.

Whether you need a flexi nanny or are looking to recruit, these savings can be substantial. Freedom can help you navigate through the system in order to get the help that is available.

Reach for the Skies!

Freedom Childcare are very proud to have been involved in Reach’s annual family fun weekend in Glasgow. The weekend take place in various cities throughout the UK so far we have helped in Portsmouth, Leeds, Leicester and Bristol.

Reach family support

Reach is a charity for children with missing upper limbs that supports the families though friendships, information and signposting. Freedoms role in this event it supply all aspect of the childcare. We operate a crèche during the morning and evening for the little ones and provide children aged 4-12 the opportunity to take part in workshops. This year the workshops were Scottish Lantern making, one handed instruments and magic. Older Children aged 12-18 went out on a trip to an outdoor activity centre. Each year we also have a football activity where 20 children take part in a football workshop.

One handed instruments music workshop

The children all return for supper with their parents then join us in the evening for more fun including, video diary’s, loch ness monster making, discos, teenagers chill out zone, Gaming room. The day and evening caters for between 80 and 100 children over the course of the event. We have a range of children from 3 months to 18 years.  We take a team of staff with us from our Head Office In Lymington then we recruit a local team of staff to help us. Each year we are blown away by the children and the staff we employ ! We are so very excited to be helping reach again next year in Bristol and looking forward to many more years of working with these amazing children and their families.

We are always looking for organisations and businesses that require event childcare packages please call us on 08453 300403 or email

Hampshire Wedding Supplier Awards 2016 Finalist!

Hampshire Wedding Supplier Awards 2016 Freedom Childcare is proud to have been selected as a finalist for The Hampshire Wedding Supplier Awards 2016 in the WEDDING EXTRA category.

We will be attending next week’s joint Dorset & Hampshire ‘Meet the Finalist’ event at The Italian Villa, Canford Cliffs in Poole.

For more information the People’s Choice page on the website will ready to go next week with all the finalists listed.


Free English and Maths Courses with a Free Creche

Freedom Childcare is providing a crèche at Friendship House in Southsea for English and Maths Courses.

Friendship House in Southsea

The courses are run by Southdowns College and are FREE if you are in receipt of an income related benefit. The courses are starting now and we have places in the crèche available. The courses are ESOL and are designed for Mothers for whom English is a second language. The courses are 3 hours in the mornings and are supported by a Crèche for the children to attend.

  • Maths – FREE (to everyone)
  • Crèche – FREE (if you are in receipt of an income related benefit)
  • English – FREE (if you are in receipt of an income related benefit)

The English Course can also be paid for Mother who are self-funding and costs £75 for 17 weeks based on 3 hours study and £300 based on 6 hours study. The Crèche is also available in these circumstances and costs £22.50 per session.

For more information regarding the Crèche please call Freedom Childcare 0800 0851444

To book on a course please call 02392 797910